Golfing Etiquette


Etiquette relates to

  • safety on the golf course
  • pace of play
  • maintaining course quality

Here are some basic rules that will help keep the game enjoyable for you and those around you.


  • Do not swing until you know that fellow golfers are at a safe distance. Similarly keep your distance when others are swinging.
  • When practicing your swing, never swing towards another player. Debris could fly up and hit that person.
  • Do not hit the ball until the group ahead of you is out of range.
  • Should you hit your ball in the direction of other golfers – shout “FORE” – which is a universal warning of impending danger.
  • Never throw a club in anger – it could result in injury to another player.

Pace of Play

  • Be ready to play when it is your turn.
  • If it is obvious that a lost ball is going to take more than a few seconds to find, allow the group following to play through by waving them up.
  • Always try to stay behind the group in front NOT in front of the group behind.
  • Always allow a faster group to play through.
  • Always leave the green as soon as your group has finished putting.

Look after the course

  • Observe trolley/cart rules. Some courses will post signs –  follow the recommended routes.
  • Keep trolleys/carts away from greens and hazards. The wheels on trolleys/carts can damage these areas.
  • Replace your divot in the fairway unless asked not to do so by green staff.
  • Repair your ball/pitch marks on the green.
  • Always smooth sand bunkers after hitting to erase your footprints and damage to the area where your ball was.
  • Don’t take divots with practice swings.

Common Sense

  • Keep quiet while another player is making a stroke
  • Do not yell out following a shot, remember there are other people on the course who may be within earshot.
  • Be aware of your shadow on the putting green. Don’t allow your shadow to be cast across another player or that player’s putting line.
  • Never walk on another golfers putting line. Either step over, or even better, walk around it.